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One of my FAVORITE things about this time of year are the movies! From horror to family-friendly halloween flicks, I love them all and try to watch as many as I can (just ask my husband, he has to watch them with me haha). For me, it took me a while to gather a list of my top must-watch movies, so I wanted to make it easy for you! Today, I am going to be sharing my top 7 Netflix movie recommendations for Spooky season! Grab a coffee, pen and let's jump in...

1. The Conjuring (Horror Movie)

If you have never seen this movie, then fair warning that you may need a blanket to hide behind while you're watching it. The first time I watched this was in theaters and I was glued to my husband's arm pretty much the whole time (I can be dramatic, but seriously my palms were sweattttyyy)! I've had many debates with my friends about certain horror movies, but one thing we all agree on is that this one is a great scary flick and a must-watch during October and Halloween!

2. The Babysitter (Thriller/Comedy)

Sometimes you just aren't in the mood for being scared and jumping in your seat, but you still want a lighthearted thriller to watch during a cozy night in. I get it, I totally understand because that has been me A LOT lately! As I was scrolling through Netflix one night, I came across this gem and honestly thought it was going to be a fail. Surprisingly, it was actually really entertaining, although I will admit it has some corny jokes and scenes in it! With the added theme comedy, it was the perfect feel-good thriller for a cozy night in!

3. Bates Motel (Drama/Horror/Psychological)

Honestly, I was so sad when this series ended because it was such great show! The acting was perfectly tied into the characters and the storyline always kept me wanting to know what happened next! With this movie being based on the movie "Psycho," it perfectly captures the psychological drama surrounding a boy and his mother who move to a new town to start a new life. Ominous, mysterious, and spooky all in one!

4. Would You Rather (Horror/Suspense)

If you have the tendency to get grossed out easily, then you maaaay want to skip out on watching this one. The whole movie is a big "would you rather" game gone wrong and some of the things that the people have to do aren't exactly everyday acts (I hope no one EVER does these haha). I will admit that some scenes are a little much, but overall it's a good story and concept!

5. The Haunting of Hill House (Mystery/Horror)

If you haven't seen this yet, I am sure you heard of it! As soon as it hit Netflix, it was all the rage (and for good reason). With so many twists and turns, this show keeps you on the edge of your seat! It is the perfect show to watch around Halloween if you want a little "spook" in your life!

6. Hush (Thriller/Horror)

Alright... this movie definitely had me on the edge of my couch and jumping at times! It is based around a writer who is deaf and an intruder is trying to get into her house that is (of course) located in the middle of the woods. Because of this, there are moments of silence, but in seconds something will happen that will make you spill all of your popcorn. This one is a nail-biter for sure, but a perfect thriller for spooky season!

7. The Sinner (Thriller/Suspense)

Okay, so this isn't exactly a scary movie or show, but it is definitely one that made me say "oh my gosh" out loud and kept wanting to know more! The first time I saw this show, I binge-watched it with my husband and best friend and all three of us loved it! With a mysterious feel and so many puzzle pieces to connect, it is definitely worth the watch around this time!

I know Netflix constantly has new movies and shows coming out (believe me, I already have a list lined up to watch), so I hoped this helped you in what shows are worth the popcorn! Netflix is pretty much always on my tv and these are shows that will be on my screen during spooky season this year. If you have any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to share them in the comments because ya girl is always looking for new shows to watch (it's an obsession) haha! I hope you all have the most amazing time cuddling up and watching some spooky shows!

I will talk to y'all in the next one,

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