When it comes to finding true happiness, so many people are on the hunt for “the secret” to unlock it. They want that “key” that they think will instantly change their world. I was once one of those people, but over the past few months, things have drastically changed for me and I wanted to share with you what has worked and that has led me to living out my best life and being happier than I have ever been!

There’s no “secret sauce” or “trick,” but rather it’s all about mindset. I will say that I didn’t get here by figuring it all out by myself. With the help of some amazing friends, a few of my favorite podcasts, the mentality guru Gary V, and a lot of hard work on my end, I was able to change my whole world around. I know that not everything that works for one person works for another, but I hope these help in some way or another!

Stop Comparing

Comparison is such a silent killer. With social media being everywhere you turn, it’s hard not to fall into the traps of comparison. It’s easier now more than ever to get in our heads and “want to look like her” or “wish you had that house.” Girl, it needs to stop! Stop “wishing” and “wanting,” and instead start being thankful and love yourself!

We are all unique in our own ways and we need to focus on what makes us truly special! If you find yourself starting to compare while scrolling through social media, put the phone down and learn to walk away from it. When you start feeling down because you don’t have something someone else has, take a second to look around you and realize all that you DO have!

We each have unique traits and our stories are all different, but that’s the beauty in it! Once you shift your mindset from viewing it as a negative thing to it being something beautiful, your world around you will instantly change for the better!

Live in the Moment

We live in such a fast-paced world that we easily forget to slow down and appreciate what we have and what is around us. I am definitely guilty of this. I was always on the go, always kept thinking about what I didn’t have, what I had to work hard to get. I never took two seconds to look at everything that was already in my world that I should be expressing gratitude for!

It is necessary to slow down at times, take a good look around you, and realize all that you’ve done and all that you have. The fact that you are alive and breathing today should be something you’re thankful for, and expressing that gratitude can instantly change your mindset!

Forgive Yourself

Holding onto the past can be one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Not only are you allowing your mistakes to define who you are today, you are holding yourself back from growth and becoming the best version of yourself!

We have to forgive ourselves for what we’ve done in the past so we can be proud of the amazing things we are going to do in the future. Read that sentence again.

Learn to forgive yourself. You deserve to allow that weight to be lifted from your shoulders so you can finally move forward towards a better YOU!

Stop Apologizing

If I had a dime for every time I apologized for something I did or said, I would be a millionaire by now! This is one of the biggest things I am working on at the moment, but so far I have learned that when I stop apologizing for simply just being me… I find myself being a lot happier every day.

With so many opinions flying left and right in this world about how we “should” act, sit, stand, walk, laugh, drink our coffee… it can all be a bit intimidating. I think the best thing we can do is to stop caring what people think, do what we do best, and be who we truly are! Once we switch our mindset from “what will others think” to “what do I think,” amazing things will start to happen! Be YOU and don’t apologize for it!

Acceptance Is Key

When I talk about acceptance, I am pointing towards accepting who you are as a person! This ties into the previous point I shared, but it makes sense! How can we TRULY be happy if we don’t accept ourselves for who we are?

I know this can be tough when we live in a world that screams “full of themselves” as soon as we show any confidence in who we are as a person or in any aspect of our lives. However, I have come to learn that those thoughts and opinions from other people stem from a place of unhappiness in their own lives. So, the best thing that we can do is to be aware of this, but still keep kicking butt at being who we are and fully accepting ourselves as we are!

Negative Self-Talk is Not Okay

When I see others tearing themselves down, it really breaks my heart. We are all so capable of big and amazing things, but when we poke and prod at ourselves, we are holding ourselves back from allowing that true potential to shine! We get enough criticism and opinions thrown at us from others, so the last thing we need is to get in our own heads. Instead, we need to switch that negative talk to positive talk.

Instead of telling yourself “I need to lose weight,” change that to “I am beautiful just the way I am.” Instead of wishing you looked like some other girl you saw on social media, stand in front of a mirror and remind yourself that you are beautiful and unique in your own, wonderful way! Instead of thinking you aren’t capable of achieving your dreams, turn that around and tell yourself “even if i don’t know how to get there, I will commit to figuring it out. I am just as capable as anyone else!”

Know Your Worth

This is one the most important steps to truly unlocking true happiness for yourself! I don’t know why the majority of us like to play down what we have to offer in this world, but I see it happen a lot (i’m guilty of it myself). Personally, I tend to get in my head and think “that’s been done before, so maybe I shouldn’t do that,” “nobody will want to listen to me,” and that ONE that always seems to pop up in my head... “I'm not good enough.”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve allowed these thoughts to dictate your every decision. Why do we do that? Why don’t we give ourselves the credit we deserve?

A couple months ago, I made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t get in my own way. If I had an idea, I would take it and run with it. I even put up little messages around my desk that say “I am enough,” and “I am worthy,” because you know what… WE ALL ARE!

Start giving yourself credit, celebrate your accomplishments, give yourself a pat on the back, treat yourself for the small victories, give your attention to things that deserve it and say no to things that don’t, and be PROUD!

Finding happiness is a lot simpler than it’s made out to be. Practice gratitude, be thankful, and work on your mindset. The saying “mindset is everything,” is popular for a reason! When you change your mindset, you change your whole life and things can only go up from there! Remember, happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.

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