Cute + Easy Prop Ideas to Up Your Instagram Game

One of my favorite ways to add a little spice and personality into my Instagram photos is by adding props here and there! Did you know that adding in props to your photos also helps boost your engagement? Yep, that’s right! Personally, I believe anything that allows you to show off more of your personality (editing, doodles, props, etc.) allows a greater connection with your audience! That’s what this whole creative journey is all about, right?


Sometimes I forget that the simplest props are already right in my closet! One of my go-to’s are hats because they’re easy to just throw on and go, but add so much personality and style! If you have a cute baseball cap, beanie, fedora or any type of hat really, bust that bad boy out and put it on that head of yours next time you go out to shoot content!

Photo Ideas- Get creative! Double up your hats if you have more than one, hold it a certain way, or throw it in the air. There are so many ways to take something as simple as a hat and completely transform your photos!

Bubble Gum/ Candy

Who doesn’t want to add a little sweetness to their photos? This idea is so much fun and is definitely an attention grabber! In fact, I have this exact photo on instagram and it’s one of my best performing posts! If you would rather use candy, some other options could be a lollipop or even throwing up some chocolate kisses!

Photo Ideas- Blow some bubbles with your gum and toss up a peace sign! You can even use the “burst” mode on your phone or take multiple shots with your camera while you’re blowing a bubble to make a cute little video!


This is definitely a popular option amongst creators on Instagram and for good reason! Now that we are entering warmer months, this is a great prop to correspond your feed to this time of year and to add a pop of color here and there! If you don’t want to buy a bunch of flowers, all you have to do is drive around and find yourself a cute little field or visit a botanical garden around your city! The best part about this prop is that there are so many options for you to be able to add these into your photos. I even use fake flowers, which has been so beneficial because I am able to use them all year long!

Photo Ideas- Hold a bunch of flowers in a creative way (over your head, framed around your face, etc.). Another cute option would be to throw the flowers towards the camera! If you want to change things up a bit, you could even toss a bouquet of flowers over your shoulder and turn around! You can even throw up a peace sign, play with your hair or just place your hand on your hip. This is super cute and a great way to get eyes on your post!


Unless you are a photographer and have an extra camera lying around, this is one prop I always wanted to incorporate into my own photos, but never knew how I would! It wasn’t until recently that I found out a lot of people go thrifting and find old/vintage cameras that way and use them as props (genius, right?)! I also know the polaroid cameras are a hot item as well, so if you have one of those, grab it and let’s go!

Photo Ideas- Hold the camera up to your eye as if you were taking a photo, but instead of closing one eye, make a cute face! You can also choose to hold the camera down in one hand, place your other hand on your hip, and look up to the sun and smile! Such a super cute prop and so many ways to have fun and get creative with it!

I hope this post helped serve as inspiration and sparked some creative ideas in that head of yours! There are so many fun ways to add props into your photos to up your Instagram game and I loved sharing this first part of my prop idea series with you! My main goal for this series is to show everyone who has that creative fire within them that they can do anything they put their mind to! Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, a flame to light the spark, and encouragement! I believe in you… now go create some magic!

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