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Updated: May 28

I am currently typing out this post with a huge smile on my face, some Betty Who blasting on my Spotify, and a million butterflies roaming around my tummy! Ahh! I can't believe I FINALLY have my blog back! For those of who are a bit confused right now, I will get into everything in this post and you will have all the answers you need. For now, I just want to say thank you for being here and gosh am I so happy to be back, doing what I love! I can't wait to type these little fingers of mine away! YAAAAYYY!

For those of you who don't know, I use to go by the name "Beckoning Beauty" and use to blog about makeup and beauty using a different website. I took to that for a while, but quickly realized that I wanted to venture being in front of the camera for once (which is something I would normally never do, I'm 1000% an introvert). I wanted to share so much more and even though I love makeup and beauty, I also wanted to add in lifestyle and fashion as well. I wanted to do it all! So, after taking a long break, I deleted my old website and changed my handle on Instagram from "Beckoning Beauty" to "Becca Isdale," which is my name for those of you wondering. It was honestly the best decision to make and I was sooo happy! However, after only doing Instagram for a while I was slowly getting irritated. I wasn't liking the content I was posting and I found myself just not all that happy. I didn't get it at first.. I made this decision and was so happy with the choice I made, so why were things going downhill?

Well, I finally figured out the answer (actually, answerS). For one, I was putting too much pressure on myself. I was following these established bloggers and saw their beautiful photos pop up on my feed everyday and thought "well if that's what they are doing, I need to do it too." I also had the struggle of finding my theme. You know, my "aesthetic" if you will. I did dark browns for a while, then tried more orangey high contrast photos. I got so caught up in it all and it was SO tiring! Isn't something you love suppose to bring you joy? Yes! Yes, it is and I have now learned that I needed to stop trying to be like everyone else and embrace where I was at, what I was wanting to do, and to never lose sight of that! I eventually took time to find my "aesthetic" which is honestly something that will evolve as time goes on so I'm not too worried about it anymore, but I am happy with where I am at and heading with my "theme." I told myself that this journey is about me, not the blogger I just saw post a photo eating an ice cream in Hawaii with a cute hairdo. It is about me, my life, and my journey with it all, and the people who want to take a seat next to me on this ride. I got caught up in it all, and I lost myself for a bit. I also quickly realized that I missed blogging. I mean actually blogging, not just "Instablogging." I loved having a creative outlet and a place of my own to share the things I love with people I love. I missed having my website. So, I decided that's what I needed, and here we are!

I know there will be more struggles along the way, but at least I am here trying to figure them out and grow with each lesson that I learn. Through this journey so far, I have learned to be myself because I am unique and there's only one me, so I need to embrace who I am! Comparison can be a dangerous thing, so if you are going through the same thing, always remember that everyone is on their own page in life, and you can't compare someone's page 212 with your page 1 or 15. It's all about growth, working hard, and enjoying the ride along the way! It's okay to not have it all figured out, that's the beauty of it!

I can't thank you enough for being here. All of you have a special place in my heart and I am so excited for what is to come! Ahh, I can't stop smiling! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will talk to you all in my next post, until then...

Love ya fam bam, always!

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