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I know that Instagram highlight covers have somewhat lost their hype. New features pop up constantly and everything else get forgotten. For me, I actually LOVE playing around and changing up my Instagram highlight covers! No joke, I probably change them every couple of months, which isn't necessary but I have so much fun with them!

If you are new to the Instagram world or have never played around with the feature, I am talking about those circle icons on the top of someone's feed! They are different for each person and usually compliments the individuals' feed, aesthetic, and brand. However, not everyone knows how to make them or where to find free ones for their use, but don't worry! That's why I am here today with this blog post... to help teach YOU how to make bomb instagram highlight covers AND I also have some freebies for you if you are in need of your own or are wanting to switch things up! Sounds fun, huh? Let's goooo!

Step One: Find the Right Apps

Any essential part of making any type of graphic is finding the right tools to do so. There are so many apps out there that will allow you to make whatever graphic you need, but don't be fooled! You need to make sure you are finding the right apps for you and your work. I can't even tell you the number of apps I have downloaded and tried out and then ended up deleting. This is because each app is unique and features different elements, quality, and ease of use. Each person is different, so doing a trial and error run with a few new apps might be beneficial for you to find the right one to start creating! However, to get you started, here are my top 3 apps for creating graphics:

1. Canva

2. Over

3. PicsArt

Step Two: Pick A Theme

Typically, someone's Instagram highlight covers match their aesthetic for their brand. Pro tip- people are more likely to want to follow you if you have some sort of scheme or stick to a theme for your brand. This way, you stand out more and people will know who you are when they see your branding! I know that can seem intimidating if you're just starting out, but it's pretty simple! Choose a few colors (2-3 preferably), pick a font or two you like, and there ya have it! Next comes the design part, which isn't all that scary either... I promise!

A lot of apps have templates that you can choose from, which I suggest using if you've never made your own highlight covers. Everything is already set up for you, you just need to play with the elements/stickers/graphics and adjust colors as you see fit (easy peasy). My top two favorite apps that come with pre-made templates are Canva and Over!

Step Three: Add Fun Elements

This isn't so bad so far, right? See, you CAN do it! The next step is to add certain elements that you like best and that represents what topic the highlight cover is for. For example, if your highlight cover is labeled "makeup," then using a cute little lipstick drawing/graphic would be a good fit for that topic! However, If you like more of an abstract concept, by all means go for it! I also see a lot of individuals using letters, words, or they stick to just colors. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to go about it as long as it ties into your brand, who you are, and makes you happy!

Step Four: Upload Them to Your Highlight Covers on Instagram

Once you have a few highlights already made, now you can start uploading them to your Instagram highlights and make them covers! If you already have some highlights on your page, but they don't have covers... all you have to do is go into that highlight, tap on those 3 little dots at the bottom right corner, tap on "edit highlight," and then a screen should pop up that has an option that says "edit cover." From there, just choose the graphic you want to use, size it how you like, and then viola! You got some new Instagram highlight covers! Yay!

Free Instagram Highlight Covers

Now that you've made it this far, I have a few freebies for you! I know that they may not be a fit for everyone, but I still wanted to share to not only allow whoever may need them to use them, but to also share some examples that you can build off of if you're needing some new ideas!

Instructions- If on mobile device, all you have to do is click the link below and then take a screen shot. If you are on a desktop, click the link and then airdrop or bluetooth the download to your phone, then take a screenshot.

Here they are! I hope you enjoy them!

Pink + Girly: Click Here

Nude + Minimalistic: Click Here

Warm + Retro: Click Here

Thank you so much for taking time to be here with me, it truly means the world to me! Now go out there and get creative, you got this!

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