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When I decided to chase my dreams a few months ago, I didn’t exactly know how to do it. All I knew was that I had a vision, a passion, and I was willing to do anything I needed to make my dreams a reality. After hours and hours of teaching myself about how to grow and where to start, I have finally started seeing results. Don’t get me wrong, I have a long way to go still and a full journey ahead of me that I’m so excited for, but for now, I’m happy with where I’m headed. I have achieved big results in a very short amount of time and I’m here to tell you that you can too!

The biggest growth I’ve seen so far has been on Pinterest, which is a really good thing because that’s where blog traffic comes into play! Yep, that’s right! If you didn’t already know, you SHOULD be using Pinterest if you have a blog, or for any business really.

Let me break it down a little for you:

Thousands and thousands of people are on Pinterest daily searching for a variety of different things. The more that people see your content on Pinterest, the more likely they are to click on that “visit” button and land their eyes on your sight. More traffic on your sight means more profit for you and your blog/business in the long run.

In order for me to get the hang of Pinterest strategies, I had to change my mindset. I use to see it as another app that I saved in a folder on my phone titled “social media.” Let me be the first to say... don’t make that mistake like I did! Instead, you should be thinking of Pinterest as another “Google," as another search engine. You see, when people hop on Pinterest, they have ideas in mind for what they’re looking for. They are searching for information, inspiration, and forms of education. You’re probably thinking right now “okay, okay.. now get to your secrets.” I’m about to get there, but I wanted to make sure you have the right view on Pinterest, otherwise your strategies and techniques get thrown off and things might not work in your favor like you want it to.

Alright, now let’s get to the good stuff! When I first started out, I read so many blog posts with different information that I got so overwhelmed. There are so many articles either trying to sell you something or their information just wasn’t rich enough. However, I did come across some webinars and videos and took some notes. After weeks of doing this, I decided to form my own technique and test out strategies. I’ve been doing this for some weeks now, and after a short amount of time (2 months), my monthly Pinterest views are growing each day (and my website traffic). I went from 300 monthly viewers to now having 26k monthly viewers with my engagement stats also rising significantly fast at the same time!

I will say, each person and business works and functions differently, so what might work for me might not work for you, but I hope that you can walk away from this blog post feeling inspired and motivated to grow your business! If I can do it, YOU definitely can!

Timing Matters

I use to Pin all of my Pins whenever I felt like it. I would randomly throw it in my schedule whenever I saw fit and didn’t put much thought into it (hello scrolling late at night while having Netflix on in the background). I didn’t even use hashtags (more on this later). I quickly came to realize this wasn’t working and I was going about pinning my content all wrong. After going back to my completely filled notebook, I found something in common with all of the videos and blog posts I read about Pinterest... you should be posting at a certain time! This is something I was already implementing for Instagram, but had no idea timing was important for Pinterest (silly me). Lately, I have been using the Tailwind app and wow it has made all of the difference. I went from pinning at the most random times to posting at what I like to call “peak times.” These peak times are chosen by tailwind based on when the most amount of users will be on the app, so that when you post your content, it’ll be your greatest chance to get eyes on your masterpieces! There are a lot of apps out there that will help you find your peak times, so if you don’t want to try out tailwind, you have other options to find which one works best for you!

Quit Ignoring Quality

We live in a society that is focused and fixated on numbers. On Instagram, at work, how long your Snapchat streak is... numbers are everywhere. Well, I’m here to let you know that when it comes to Pinterest, quality matters way more than quantity. Focusing on content that people actually want to see, the words that are being typed into the search bar, content that will capture people’s attention... this should be your main focus! One of the things that has really helped me recently is Pinterest’s very own Trend Report (you can find insights here). This will give you a run down about what people’s eyes are on the most! After you know what’s popular, you should try to focus your content around these topics and create quality, informational, and well-thought out content.

Pro tip- reverse the roles for a second.. what are you searching for in Pinterest? Would your title capture your attention? Would your Pinterest graphic leaving you wanting more? It’s best to think of things this way to get a sense of what content is “clickable” and what’s going to get you the most views!

Hashtags Aren’t Just for Instagram

As I mentioned before, I started out not using any hashtags at all... which explains why my monthly viewer count was really low (300 to be exact). You can think of it in terms of Instagram... if you don’t use hashtags, your content won’t show up in those categories. No hashtags = no page views. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can use as many hashtags as you want (but there is a character limit for the caption). Each hashtag also shows you how many pins there are under that category, which allows you to better gauge where your pins should be filed under. I will say, don’t just add random hashtag. There should be strategy behind them so you can optimize your content to the best of your ability! Look up Pinterest hashtags guides, read blog posts, listen to podcasts... whatever it may be, make sure you have some insight into which hashtags work the most in your favor.

Don’t Just Pin Your Own Content

Going back to the Trend Report I referred to earlier, there should also be strategy in what you personally pin as well. Think of it like this... the more you pin, the more your profile will show up as “who has pinned this.” Therefore, more exposure for you! Of course, I don’t do this all the time. I still enjoy Pinterest for the sake of DIY projects and for recipes so I’m not ALWAYS pinning popular pins or specific content, but it is a major part of my strategy. It also helps to gain exposure by posting comments underneath pins! I know, I know.. that seems weird and you probably don’t usually do that, but you should definitely start doing it here and there. Again, it’s all about exposure and getting people to see YOU, YOUR content, and YOUR brand!

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

In order to keep growing, you have to keep going! I try to pin every single day (whether its my own pins or other's pins) throughout the week and ever since I started sticking to this schedule and remaining consistent, I have noticed such a huge difference! You have to keep your name out there, keep your pins in circulation, and keep eyes on your content in order to see that growth you're longing for. Again, going back to my first point, there are certain times of the day that work better than others in order to maximize the amount of traffic your pins receive, so planning out those top times throughout the week and making sure you stick to that schedule is the best choice for your brand or business!

Pay Attention to Your Pins

To be completely honest, I use to just pin whatever for the heck of it and then just tuck my phone away. I wish I could go back in time and give myself a wake up call because even though I thought I was helping my brand... I was actually hurting it! I wasn't listening to what was working, I wasn't paying attention to the engagement numbers for each pin (you can also use this awesome little tool if you have a Pinterest Business account), and I wasn't building off of the content that worked the best. Just like Instagram, you have to pay attention to what type of content works the best for your business and brand. However, I will say that you also need to stick with your niche. For example, don't go off pinning a million recipes if you're a fashion blogger (hint- make your personal boards private so things stay organized). Now that I am paying attention to which pins get the most hits and building off of that content, this has also helped my engagement rate on Pinterest skyrocket!

Wherever you are on your business journey whether that be online or not, Pinterest is an amazing tool to get more eyes on your brand, products, and content in order for you to turn your passion into a career! It really has been a game changer for not only myself, but for so many business owners out there and with the right strategies, it can be one for YOU too!

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you're ready to up your Pinterest game! I know it can seem daunting at first, but if you trust the process, believe in yourself, and find strategies that work for you... everything will fall into place! You got this, I believe in you!

Thank you so much for being here and I will talk to you in my next post!

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