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I will be the first to admit that most days, all I want to do is lay in bed, watch Friends for the two hundred and seventeenth time, and cuddle with my fur babies (if only that paid the bills). The majority of this year I have had this problem, but recently I have found that small, simple changes to my daily routine have made all the difference! For the past few weeks I have been putting these hacks into practice and I can assure you, if you aren't already doing them, you should start like yesterday if you want to get those productive juices flowing! Okay, okay... I'll stop yapping now, let's jump in!

You've probably heard this one about a thousand times, but we all know we don't always listen (me, I'm guilty). However, we should be following this rule every single day! If you're like me and the majority of your work is done on your phone or computer, then screen time can be hard to limit, I get it... but one of my worst habits is that while I'm working, I think to myself "let me just take a peek over on instagram." Breaking news... that "peek" turns into about 30, 40, or even 50 minutes of scrolling (you're shaking your head right now aren't you). It's such a struggle, one that I still don't understand, but all I can do is learn to combat it! Recently, I have noticed that if my phone is COMPLETELY out of my sight, I get sooo much more work done. Not by my side, not on top of my desk, but completely gone... like tucked in my sock drawer gone. Granted, I do keep my volume on in case I receive a work call or if there's an emergency, but the point is, is that it's outta sight... outta mind!

HACK: Try placing your phone in a drawer, under your pillow, or leave it on the charger while you get some work done!

There's nothing else that gets me in a productive mood quite like some of my favorite tunes! Not only that, but lately I have really been into turning on a motivational podcast to start my day, and it has made all the difference! I use to see people suggesting doing this on their Instagram stories but always thought it wasn't for me... until I tried it!

One thing that I have started doing is making certain playlists on Spotify for certain moods I'm in. I have everything from "Let's Get Creative" to "Acoustic Chill: Create" (I know, I know... my playlist titles need some help) and add songs that fit each category! I started doing this because I know I'm not going to wake up and be in the happiest mood everyday, but still want to get stuff done, so I made different playlists for each type of mood (sounds a bit much, but hey it works)! The way I see it, you have to create the space that's going to help you be your most productive and successful, so adding in some music that will make your heart happy is a great start and sure to help spark those creative juices!

Here are my top 2 go-to Podcasts right now:

The SHE Podcast

The Goal Digger Podcast

HACK: Headphones help concentrate the sound and blocks out everything else around you so you can concentrate better and get that to-do list done!

This is a new technique for me, but I am officially obsessed with doing this! I use to think restricting myself would only hurt my productivity, but I will be honest here and say I was SO wrong. Actually, this has helped me get MORE done throughout the week than I did before implementing this into my daily routine. After I write down my to-do list, I like to give each task a certain time limit so I can fully concentrate on each one as I go.

Here are some things I have learned so far from time blocking:

1) Time ends up going faster, but you also get more done without even realizing it

2) Don't underestimate how long certain things may take. Being realistic is the only way this will work properly for you!

3) It's okay to break tasks into parts. Doing one thing all at once isn't always the best way to do things!

HACK: If you don't want to plan out your timing yourself, there are so many apps out there that help with this! Look on the App Store or Google Play and see if one works for you! It's definitely worth the try.

I use to be the girl that woke up, had all my thoughts and to-do list in my head, and then just went for it. It worked for a while, but in all honesty... it was exhausting. My mental head space was jam packed and my mental to-do list was all over the place. It wasn't until a few months ago that I started writing everything down and got myself a cute little planner. Two words... GAME CHANGER! I have found that writing everything down first thing in the morning helps me clear up that space in my head, which allows for more room to get creative and put in the best work that I possibly can!

If you aren't one for writing things down, then try out a digital calendar or planner! I know many bloggers, friends, and family members who use one and I have heard nothing but good things! Personally, I love using different colored pens and having fun making my to-do list. To me, it's like I can visually see my ideas come to life in color, and it really helps me feel motivated to make those ideas a reality!

HACK: Use post-it notes for important ideas and place them in spots where you know you'll be looking at them often, like your laptop! This way, everything will be right in front of you and you won't forget!

I use to think that setting up my creative space was such a waste of time and energy. Who cared if my work space was organized and so what if I was working without the window open? Honestly, if I could go back and shake myself out of that mindset, I would do it in a heartbeat! Did you know that having an organized, well-lit work space increases productivity and optimism? Yep, sure does! Now, my morning routine consists of me starting out the day with tidying up my desk, opening my blinds, setting up my laptop and notebooks, and lighting one of my favorite candles! I suggest this to anyone who needs a little boost in their day!

HACK: Lighting the same candle every time you are ready to work can help with productivity! Certain smells are linked to certain memories and emotions in the brain and can spark that "let's get this" mentality!

Small changes add up to big moves, so go at your own pace and do things that you find work best for you! Not everyone is able to work the same way, so finding the balance for you is KEY!

Also, as a thank you for all of your love and support and so we can both keep each other on track, I have made a FREE to-do list for ya! All you have to do is click HERE to download yours! It's something I use everyday and I hope you find it helpful!

Now, go knock out those tasks, you got this!

I will talk to ya in the next post,

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